The Vortex

Generations ago, adventurous souls discovered a structure from the past that exists outside of normal space, the entrance of which itself exists in the real world but skips across physical reality so that its location is always changing.

Within this structure lies a swirling vortex of energy that powers the structure. The discoverers believed this vortex to be a god and began to worship it. They decided to use the structure as its temple and began what they call the Cult of the Vortex.

Many years have passed. At first, the cult’s membership grew and prospered. But about thirty years ago, the cult fell on hard times. Membership dwindled. About ten years ago, the cult fell under the leadership of a man who has since come to abuse his power.

The cultists understand the temple now more than they did before, but much of it remains a mystery.

The Vortex

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