The Vortex

Session 3

When the adventurers loose the Narthex

  • The yellow robed man approached the adventurers and asked them what they where doing there
  • Faroon attempted to deceive the leader and told him that they should get away from there, because the place is radioactive and could hurt them
  • The leader, who presented himself as Gregor, was bothered by Faroon’s attempt to deceive him and aggressively told the PCs that they should not be there, that structure was called the Narthex and it was the cult’s home. They where all members of The Cult of the Vortex – the true holders of truth.
  • After hearing the cult’s description, Kalain and Faroon both asked if they could join the cult
  • Gregor laughed at their request and refused it. Only people born in the cult or taken from a young age could join the cult
  • After a sharp exchange of words the tension grew as the PCs refused to leave the cult people alone and remove themselves from the are of the Narthex
  • One last attempt made by Gregor to avoid the blood shed – he asked Ashlyn, the youn cult woman to give each adventurer 2 shins so they would just leave
  • As the young woman approached Faroon to give her the shins, Faroon grabed Ashlyn by the hand, pulled her close and put her blade to her neck, holding her hostage
  • Seeing this Gregor and the remaining cultists drew weapons and prepared to attack. Fean – the tall man – put his backpack down and pulled a strange device from under his robe, aiming it at the PCs
  • Kalain urged everyone to keep calm, and eventually managed to convince Faroon to let Ashlyn go. Faroon accepted only if Ashlyn would give them all the shins she had and if the rest of the cultists lay their weapons down
  • Both parties agreed on the conditions. Faroon took the pouch from Ashlyn, which only contained 7 shins, and let her go
  • The adventurers crossed the river behind them, but shortly after, being sure that no one from the cult was following them, they sneaked back and hid behind some rocks that where nearby the Narthex
  • They saw the 5 cult members performing a strange ritual. Their leader, Gregor, pulled out a scepter like metallic device. It looked like a half-moon on top, and near it’s bottom 4 tubes of metal where sticking out in a strange pattern – it looked like a key of sorts.
  • Gregor opened a small hidden door on the side of the numenera and placed the bottom of the metallic scepter inside. As he did this, some of the markings on the structure started to lit up, the lights on its surface pulsated at an accelerated course and steam strated blowing out from one of its sides.
  • Seconds later part of its surface started shifting to a side and then lowered – clearly denoting an entrance. The 5 cult members entered the structure and the door closed behind them.
  • The white light that covered the ground near the Narthex started fluctuating at an ever accelerating pace. As if it was closing to something
  • The PCs waited behind their rocky cover to see what was going to happen.
  • In a flash of white light, followed by a loud noise the numenera device disappeared in front of their eyes
  • The pulse created by the device knocked out the already dying tress around it and affected the overall fauna, however the adventurers where unharmed behind the cover of the rocks.
  • The PCs approached the location where the Narthex used to be and started investigating the place. They found out that one of the cultists forgot his backpack on the ground.
  • Looking through the backpack they found a map of the Ninth World, another map which had some areas marked and some numbers next to them. On the second map they found they identified the village of Jutte and nearby it a marked location with the number 6. Not very far from Jutte, there was another marked location, with the number of 7.
  • Besides the two maps the PCs found a large notebook. It seemed to hold some recent history of the cult, some information about the current cult leader, but most important it kept track of all the movements of the Narthex in the past 20 years or so.
  • Kalain quickly figured out that the Narthex will reappear in 5 days or so, north of Jutte, approximately 1 and a half day’s walk

As they where reading through the notebook found in Fean’s backpack Hitz and Rummy came rushing in.
They asked the PCs if they saw what happened. After some discussion Rummy asks Kalain if MBot can draw another image of a numenera, like the one that he drew of the Narthex.
Rummy told the adventurers that they know where another strange device can be found, hidden behind some rubble from the old watchtower.

The adventurers agreed to follow Hitz and Rummy. By the time they reached the location, night fell. It was already too late for them to attempt the 6 hours walk to Jutte.

Hitz pointed to the PCs the location where they knew the numenera was hidden.
MBot went ahead and started moving the rubble out of the way. As he was moving the stones he disturbed a nest of Laaks. 8 laaks jumped it.
Amused by MBot reaction, who threw himself on the ground and started rolling in an effort to get himself rid of the ambushing Laaks, Faroon took out a device that she held in her bag and turned it on.

The device started playing a soft, unpleasant music, which much to everyone’s surprise seemed to attract the laaks.

Kalain and Faroon quickly killed the laaks that where coming towards Faroon, while MBot managed to squish the remaining one, still crawling over his exo skeleton.
The adventurers managed to rid themselves of the laaks with almost no damage. One of MBot’s servos was slightly affected, but nothing that couldn’t be repaired.


Negru is still useless

Session 3
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