The Vortex

Session 1

When the adventurers meet for the first time

Weary of traveling Kalain sat down down on the grass in a clearing. He could feel the sun heating his metal parts of his body. It was a strange feeling. He could not feel the sun, per se, on his metal arm and leg, but he liked the warm feeling he had when he touched the surface after laying in the sun. It made it feel more natural, closer to the body warmth his human half of his body had.

Even stranger was how only half his body felt tired. He was wondering if the squeaks that could be heard sometimes from his servo joints, especially after long walks or demanding periods, where the robotic way of telling him that he is tired.

He has been walking for at least 4 days now, mostly through the wilderness. He did not know where he was or where he was going. For the past couple of days he had a feeling that he is being followed.

This morning he asked M-Bot 9000 to keep his distance. If he was indeed being followed, probably no one was mad enough to confront him while that hulking piece of metal and synth was constantly at his side. “This way I’m going to look more exposed, more vulnerable” he said to MBot.

Though not making any sense to it, MBot accepted Kalain’s request and quietly stayed at least 200 meters behind him, keeping off-sight.

It’s been a quiet morning for Kalain, though he never thought he’ll admit it, he was missing M-Bot’s constant chirping in his head.

As he was laying down, eyes closed, meditating, he felt a sudden change in the air he was breathing. Pulling himself out of the self-induced trance he was in, opened his eyes only to be blinded by an intense bright light followed by a loud boom! that made his lungs vibrate. After a couple of moments of dizziness he jumped back on his feet and looked around.
There was no trace of anything out of the ordinary that could justify what he just experienced, as if it was all a dream or a machination of his imagination. M-Bot was no where to be seen either.

Shortly after he heard moving coming from the wilderness behind him. He was expecting M-Bot to appear, alerted by what has happened, but instead he saw a young woman followed by an older man, running towards him.

The woman had a very fit and athletic body. She was moving with great precision and swiftness across the branches that where felled on the ground, she barely made any noise at all. Her top was covered by a fitted breastplate that was squeezed very tight which didn’t seem to bother her moving at all. She was carrying a crossbow in her hand, but Kalain could make out a pair of light blades sheathed on her back.

Behind her, barely keeping up, was an older man. Though dressed in a light robe which didn’t seem to weight too much, he nearly seemed out of breath as he was trying to make his way across the land. On his sash Kalain noticed a small knife that looked mostly useful for cutting plants or small animals instead of being actually used for combat. On the other side the man had a huge book hanging by a piece of cord that looked like it was made of some strange, almost transparent material. The book was large and heavy enough to come in the way of the old’s man running.

Session 1 summary:

  • The adventurers met for the first time, brought together by a loud noise that was heard
  • They agreed to group together and investigate the direction from where the noise seems to have originated
  • As they advanced forward, they found a freshly set camp area, with tents, woodcutting tools and a camp fire that seemed to just have been lit.
  • Near the tents they saw an empty cart and in front of it the body of a butchered Yol
  • Investigating the area the PCs found that there where not signs of fighting in the camp, but no one was there also, it was deserted.
  • Further investigation revealed that the Yol has been killed swiftly by some sort of piercing tool – maybe a spear – and pieces of it’s body have been rashly cut out and where missing
  • Faroon used her perception skills and was able to find bloodied hoof-like footprints that where leading away from the area where the Yol was murdered
  • The PCs decided to follow the bloody hoof-prints to see where they where leading
  • Arriving near a clearing between the wilderness trees, the PCs started hearing strange goat-like sounds, as if some beasts where talking to eachother
  • They decided to try and sneak up on the goat like creatures, but Sharad caught his robe in branch that was lying on the ground, fell and made a lot of noise.
  • The creatures, hearing the noise, quickly ran from the clearing.
  • The adventurers found the missing pieces of meat that where taken from the Yol and also found a baby beast-man hidden near some rocks.
  • As they where approaching the baby beast they where ambushed by for beasts and their leader
  • Sharad identified the creatures as Margr. He was quite acquainted with these sort of abhumans.
  • The PCs started fighting the band of Margr. Faroon had already her guard up and as the Margr ambushed them she was able to fire a dart directly to the head of one of the Margr
  • Kalain almost managed to defeat their leader, but before he was able to strike his final blow, the leader pulled a horn like device made seemingly made out of bone, blew threw it and then ran away from the fight.
  • Faroon saw what was happening and she rashly fired a dart toward the direction of where the leader ran. She was not able to stop him, but instead hit the baby Margr and killed it in place.
  • Because of the rushed shot, the string from her crossbow broke.
  • Moments after the leader’s escape 3 more Margr reinforcements came and the fight continued
  • As the PCs finished the last of the standing Margr quiet returned to the forest area. Faroon searched the bodies of the slayed Margr and was able to find 12 Shins and the skull of a large, unidentified creature, that she kept as a trophy for herself.


Negru is useless

Session 1
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