The Stealthy Jack Who Explores Dark Places


Character sheet at: https://tinyurl.com/faroon


Tier: 1 || XP: 2 || Effort: 1 || Recovery: +1
[ ] A [ ] 10 min [ ] 1 hour [ ] 10 hours


Might: 11 / 12 / (E) 0 || Speed: 10 / 16 / (E) 1 || Intellect: 7 / 10 / (E) 0
[x] Hale [ ] Debilitated [ ] Impaired [ ] Dead


ⓂⒸ Sword (0/4)
ⓂⓇ Crossbow (0/4) (Broke || 8 Darts)


Armor: 2 (Fitted Breastplate (Light, +2))
Armor Modifiers: Heavy 3 (5s/3m) || Medium 2 (3s/2m) || Light 1 (2s/1m) || None 0


Ⓣ Balancing || Ⓣ Climbing || Ⓣ Esoteries/special abilities involving illusions or trickery || Ⓣ Jumping || Ⓣ Lies and trickery || Ⓣ Listening || Ⓣ Searching || Ⓣ Stealth || Ⓣ Swimming

Special Abilities

Dark esoteries (Performed esoteries make almost no sound and are shadowy in nature)
Flex Skill
Practiced With Light/Medium Weapons
Quick (gain 2 speed to your speed pool)
Trained Explorer


Slow (Movement tasks +1 step)

Cyphers (Limit: 2)

(A) Handheld rod (Level 7)
Projects a 1 meter long bladelike force for one minute that can cut through any object or surface of level 7 or less. It can be wielded as a medium sword inflicting 4 points of damage that ignore Armor.
(A) Medallion (Level 2)
For one minute you can pass through solid objects as though they where insubstantial, like a ghost. You cannot make physical attacks or be physically attacked.


Shins: 24

Bag of Light Tools
Explorer’s Pack

1x 50 ft. of rope
3x Hammer and spikes
3x Torches
4x Glowglobes
7 days of rations
8x Crossbow bolts

Light Armor: Fitted Breastplate (+2 Arm)
Medium Bladed Weapon: Sword
Medium Ranged Weapon: Crossbow


Unknown musical instrument that plays only soft, unpleasant sounds

Special Rolls

Minor Effect: The target is also dazed for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment.

Major Effect: Suggestions: The target is also stunned and loses its next turn.


Faroon was born and spent her early childhood in the beautiful village of Thries, near the river Septim. She came from a wealthy family. Unfortunately her mother passed away when she gave birth to her, so she only had her father, who spoiled Faroon and treated her like a princess, always saying that she’s all that remains of his wife.

Her father was a renowned and much respected nano who worked miracles for the locals. Beloved by all, her family was granted great passing with the local Aeon Priests, her father being granted to the priest’s vault of artifacts and numenera for research purposes.

One day she followed her father to the priests vault. Sneaking inside unnoticed by anyone she was free to explore the place and investigate the artifacts with leisure. Though the halls where full of wonders there was one particular device that she just couldn’t let go.
It had a spherical shape and it looked to be made of some sort of floating filaments that span around an invisible sphere. When she took it in her hand the sphere lit up with a bright blue light and become warm to the touch. The floating filaments started spinning faster and faster creating small trails across the blue light’s surface. The dance was mesmerizing and Faroon couldn’t think of anything else that evening.

Evening came, and she knew her father will leave the vault soon. She sneaked behind a big box made of glass and metal, with a red and white front. She knew that if hit the box will make noise and will throw some red and white cans from a small door like orifice so she was extra careful not to touch it. She quietly waited for her father to open the vault’s door.

Though she knew that she should leave the sphere there, she simply couldn’t let it go, so when her father came and opened the vault door she put the sphere in her backpack and sprinted from the shadow of the rectangular machine, across the room an quickly made her way out of the priest’s sanctum without anyone noticing her.

Nights passed, and each night when she retreated to her room she would spend hours holding her glowing sphere.

One evening a priest and two militia man came knocking at the door. The vault has been pillaged by thieves and many cyphers and sacred artifacts went missing. The priests accompanied by the militia where searching all the houses for hidden artifacts that belonged from the priests vault.

Unfortunately Faroon was not there to overhear the conversation and do something about it. Her father, knowing that he never took anything from the vault allowed the militia men and the priest to search his house. When Faroon’s room was searched the found the strange glowing sphere that Faroon stole from the vault. The priest immediately recognized it as one of the sanctum’s most prized and revered artifacts, that went missing.

Faroon’s father was disgraced, named a thief and thrown in jail to be put on trial the following day.

Upon returning home, Faroon found out about what happened and realized that she was to blame. She quickly ran to the priest’s sanctum and denounced her deeds, in an effort to clear her father’s name but no one wanted to listen to the imagination of a spoiled little girl. How could a little girl achieve such a feat as stealing from the priest’s vault?

She went to the prison and tried to talk to her father, but again she could not do anything. Not even talk to him and let him know of what really happened.
The following day, in the morning, her father was trialed in the village square and executed right in front of her eyes. She didn’t even get to tell him the truth …

Overcome with guilt she ran away from the village, even though the mayor offered to raise her, she would have none of it. She was blaiming herself for what happened and didn’t want to come back to that place ever again.

Years passed and Faroon grew up. She was living in the alleys of various towns, never settling, never spending more than a couple of months in one place. Her aptitudes for sneaking and exploring along with her knowledge of numenera helped her find various cyphers and artifacts from all sorts of dangerous and abandoned places, that she later sold for food and occasional good night’s sleep in a tavern.

As she grew up she realised that she was not to blame for what happened. The people who robbed the vault where the real culprits so she made a purpose for herself to stop thieves, pillagers and murderers. She took up thieving in dark places and collecting bounties on criminals, hoping that the latter good deeds would outweigh the former less good ones.

Recently she’s been working for a organisation that call themselves “The Convergence”, she doesn’t know much about them except that they are lead by some mad nanos and many of their members fuse flesh and steel. But they are a lucrative bunch none the less, the bounties issued by them are easy and pay well.

Her latest bounty took her near the village Jutte where she tracked down an escaped monk by the name of Kalain.
Forced by the circumstances she’s now working with Kalain and his companion M-Bot 9000 to get passed the wilderness and reach the village of Jutte. She hasn’t told anything to Kalain yet, if she’s to try and take him down she must do it in the shadows, without his companion nearby, but that hulking piece of metal and synth is always by his side. Plus, she hasn’t made her mind if she will cash in this bounty or not. Kalain doesn’t seem like the average type of scum she’s used to dealing with.


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