The Swift Glaive who Fuses Flesh and Steel


Character sheet at: https://tinyurl.com/kalain


Tier: 1 || XP: 2 || Effort: 1 || Recovery: +1
[x] A [ ] 10 min [ ] 1 hour [ ] 10 hours


Might: 12 / 16 / (E) 1 || Speed: 18 / 18 / (E) 1 || Intellect: 9 / 10 / (E) 0
[x] Hale [ ] Debilitated [ ] Impaired [ ] Dead


ⒽⒸ Swordstaff (0/6)
ⓁⓇ Dart thrower (-1/2) (12 darts)


Armor: 1 || Armor Modifiers: Heavy 4 (3s/1m) || Medium 3 (1s/0m) || Light 2 (0s/0m) || None 1


Ⓣ Initiative || Ⓣ Jumping || Ⓣ Running || Ⓔ Defense (Speed) when not wearing any armor

Special Abilities

Fleet of Foot: Difficulty 2 Speed check. If successful, short distance move + action.
Enhanced Body (You gain 1 to Armor, 3 to your Might Pool, and 3 to your Speed Pool)
Fast (4 Speed pool)
Practiced In Armor (You reduce the Might cost per hour and the Speed Pool reduction for
wearing armor by 2)
Practiced With All Weapons (You can use any weapon)
Trained Without Armor (You are trained in Speed defense actions when not wearing armor)


Poor balance (Balancing +1 step)
Special Healing (first 5 points need to be repaired)

Cyphers (Limit: 2)

(A) Bracelet (Level 4)
The user teleports 150m to any location they can see. They arrive safely with all their possessions but cannot take anything or anyone else with them.
(A) Liquid in a tube (Level 2)
Hardens and toughens the drinker’s flesh for 1 hour, granting +1 Armor


Shins: 5

2x Bag of Light Tools
Explorer’s pack

2x Glowglobes
3 days rations
3x Hammer and spikes
50 ft. of rope
Spare parts (for self) (3 shins)

Heavy Bladed Weapon: Swordstaff
Light Ranged Weapon: Dart thrower
12x Darts


Crystal: A crystal that shards and reforms to its initial form.

Special Rolls

Minor Effect: Your servos learn from your successful actions. You gain a +1 bonus to similar actions
involving the same task (such as making attacks against the same foe or operating the same device).

Major Effect: Suggestions: You discharge a small pulse of power into your foe. Make an immediate attack against that foe (using the same stat as the action that caused the major effect). If the attack succeeds, it deals 4 points of electrical damage.


Raised in a remote and obscure monastery somewhere in the Beyond, Kalain led a disciplined and relatively peaceful early life.

The monks lived isolated and without any trace of technology. They sought to drive their unaltered bodies and minds to the highest possible physical limits through excruciating training regimens.
Their feats were considered almost magical by the surrounding villages and Kalain was one of the most promising disciples.

Unfortunately, the rumors of pure, unaltered humans reached the ears of a Convergence mad scientist obsessed with melding man with machine. The monks were the perfect specimens for his experiments.

When the attack came they stood no chance against the superior technology of The Convergence. The surviving monks were brought to a hidden facility and the experiments began. Organs were replaced with mechanical equivalents, limbs were modified. There were other captives too. All weird and sometimes failed experiments of the scientist.

Eventually a mysterious malfunction of the prison allowed a few prisoners to escape. A spontaneous rebellion begun. A lot of captives were killed but some managed to escape. Among them was Kalain.

Riddled with numerous implants and new artificial limbs Kalain’s old way of life had been turned on it’s head. He will have to relearn almost everything, but he will have to do that in total symbiosis with his half flesh half metal body.

Meanwhile and unbeknownst to Kalain, the Convergence sends bounty hunters to search for every escaped subject. Can’t let good science go to waste…

While travelling through the ruins of a deserted city from eons past the Numenera modifications brought to Kalain’s body seems to have started acting strangely as he passed a strange looking tear shaped structure made of glass, steel and synth.

Moving closer to the strange structure, in order to investigate the obvious link between the two, he noticed that both his altered body and the structure started flashing lights and emitting strange hums as if they where talking to each other, until both where flashing the same lights in unison.
Seconds later the glass top of the structure opened and from it emerged a strange looking creature, all made of steel and synth.

Kalain noticed that parts of the creatures body resembled the very same hand and foot that the Convergence have implanted instead of his original human parts.

The creature started emitting strange chirp-like sounds and something that sounded like numbers.
Kalain does not speak The Truth to be able to understand what the metallic creature was saying, but curiously after a short period of time the sounds coming from the creature started making sense to him.

The creature’s name was M-Bot 9000 and he was a relic of past eons. He was awaken by Kalain’s robotic parts and his current directive is to guard and follow Kalain, at the cost of his own life.
Though hesitant at first, Kalain quickly realized the advantage of having such a curious and loyal companion so he accepted M-Bot’s company.

They have traveled together ever since. Kalain’s goal is to find a quiet secluded place in the Ninth World, where he can be accepted for what he is – or at least left alone – so he can start a new life.

He is still suffering for the loss of purity in body that he was so proud of in the past, but at least he likes to think that his mind is still pure, though some times it feels enhanced …

He hasn’t yet become accustomed to his new metallic body parts and he’s not aware yet of all the modifications that have been brought to his body but he keeps telling himself that once he settles down he will start training and exercising his new body to find the new limits he’s now capable of.


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