The Vortex

Session 2

When the adventurers find the Narthex

  • As the PCs where looking around for traces of the escaped Margr leader they came about a small cavern entrance covered with some dead vegetation, near the rocky formation where the Margr baby was slain
  • They decided to go inside hoping that they will be able to find the wounded Margr leader an put an end to the Margr thread in the area
  • As they followed the dark tunnel, upon exit, they found themselves back near the camp site – near the area where the Yol was slain
  • There was no trace of the Margr leader to be found, but it seems that the Margr used it to reach the camp site without being detected.
  • As the PCs exited the tunnel the noticed that, above the tree line, from the hill across the nearby river, they could make out what it seemed to be a wooden structure, or a watchtower
  • They decided to try and cross the river and head in the direction of the hill. Climbing that watchtower would give them a better view of the surrounding area, maybe even reveal the source of the bright light and loud noise
  • Reaching the river Kalain advanced and crossed the shallow waters without much effort, but getting his feet wet in the process
  • Farroon decided to attempt and jump over the river. Being skilled in jumping she managed the task without effort.
  • M-Bot tried to jump as well, but being considerable heavier and clumsier than the two he fell in the middle of the river, getting himself wet in the process
  • After the river was crossed the adventurers attempted climbing the hill on a rocky surface which made climbing a bit easier
  • Faroon went first and she was able to climb quite fast and without effort
  • Kalain followed, but since he had his feet wet, near the top he lost his balance and fell
  • MBot 9000 attempted to climb but slipped and fell almost immediately
  • Faroon used one of her ropes that she was carrying in her backpack and helped the two. First Kalian climbed on the rope and then both helped pull MBot to the hill top.
  • Upon nearing the tree line the adventurers overheard a conversation between two people. One was encouraging the other to climb the watchtower faster and make a drawing of what he was seeing
  • MBot and Kalain crossed the tree line and greeted the two. Faroon remained behind readying herself for any possible threat
  • The two persons presented themselves as Hitz and Rummy, two woodcutters from the nearby village of Jutte. They were the ones that setup the camp across the river. When they heard the loud noise the rushed to the hill top so they can see the numenera
  • Hitz and Rummy knew from local legends that a couple of times per year the wilderness would house a strange numenera device that was home for an organization that was called The Cult of the Vortex
  • They told the PCs about the cult people, and the fact that twice per year they would come to Jutte to restock on supplies – it was about time they showed up
  • When Hitz and Rummy heard the loud noise, they knew that it had to be coming from the numenera so they where prepared to make a drawing of it to take it to the village elder
  • Kalain told Hitz and Rummy that their camp was attacked by Margr and about their dead Yol
  • Grateful that they where saved from the Margr threat, Hitz and Rummy awarded the adventurers with 7 shins.
  • Kalain asked Rummy for the piece of paper he was holding and his pen. MBot 9000 climbed the watchtower and made a very accurate drawing of the numenera that he saw
  • From the top of the watchtower MBot saw the ruins of the old wathtower behind him, he saw the numenera device in front of him, about 300 meters away, down from the hill, he saw that the vegetation near the numenera had a strange color as if it was burnt and frozen at the same time and saw that a white light seemed to pulsate from the ground near the numenera.
  • To his right, across the river, he saw the smoke that was coming from the camp setup by Hitz and Rummy
  • Further ahead he saw the mountain line and a path that seemed to make its way across it.
  • MBot 9000 climbed down from the watchtower and handed the drawn piece of paper back to Rummy
  • The adventurers decided to hurry towards the numenera device and investigate further from upclose
  • Rushing downhill MBot slipped and fell on the climb down, damaging some of his exo-skeleton exterior
  • Reaching the immediate vicinity of the numenera, the three started looking at the strange writing and markings across its surface
  • MBot made an attempt to connect to the datasphere in an effort to gather more information about the device, but he was not successful
  • Faroon and Kalain both tried to find a way inside the strange structure but they were unsuccessful.
  • As they were looking for a way inside, a group of people coming from the mountain pass approached them
  • They where 5 people in the group, all wearing yellow, tarnished robes. There where 4 men and 1 woman. The men in front of the group was a bulky character, had a long knife attached to his sash and a glowing device on his wrist. Behind his robe the PCs could see that he was wearing a leather armor. The rest of the group seem to follow him.
  • Behind the leader there was a tall man, with a long nose. He was carrying a backpack. He also had a knife and was wearing a leather armor behind his robes
  • Following the tall man there where two other. Both where wearing chainmails behind the yellow robes. One of them, older, had a two handed axe while the other was carrying a two handed sword. Both of them had packs of supplies on their backs.
  • Last was a young girl. She seemed to be very excited about her surroundings, almost had a naive like attitude.


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