Laaks are small, green-skinned, poisonous reptiles that attack larger prey in small groups. They can leap with surprising speed and strength. Found almost everywhere, from desolate wastelands to ancient ruins to the back alleys of large cities, laaks are a scourge. However, they avoid cold regions. Because they are immune to all known venoms, their blood is useful in various antitoxins.

Motive: Hunger for flesh
Environment: Almost anywhere except cold areas


Laaks leap onto a foe and use their poisonous bite to bring it down. Victims must make a Might defense roll; those who fail take 2 additional points of damage that ignore Armor.
Laaks are immune to poison.


Sometimes laaks are captured young and trained as vicious pets and guardians. They can be frightened off by displays of power (such as fire, noise, and the like).


Although laaks are ubiquitous and annoying, they are generally not a huge threat to PCs. However, an encounter with a powerful NPC foe who keeps a few laaks as pets could be more interesting and more dangerous.


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