The Vortex

Session 4

When the adventurers arrive in Jutte

After fighting the Laaks the adventurers dug through the remaining rubble to uncover the numenera device, helped by Hitz and Rummy.
They found a strange box-like device with a couple of levers and buttons on a front pannel.

Sharad joined them and used his numenera lore to try and identify the strange device. He was not able to find out what it was used for, but was able to identify the build and type of technology used. He showed the PCs from where to open the device and how to activate it.
After opening the lid of the strange box-like device, they found out that one of the crystals that was powering the device was broke. Sharad told them that those where low power crystals that could be replaced by basically any electronic device that still had power. Sharad used one of the glowglobes he had to pry it open and jumpstart the numenera.

Once activated the lights and buttons on the front panel and the arrow symbols on top if it activated. The arrow was pointing upwards.
Faroon kept her distance from the device, but Kalain and Sharad decided to turn it on. Pushed both levers in the upward position and turned it on by pressing the green flashing button.

All movable objects and characters within a 3 meter radius of the device suddenly lifted off the ground, 6 meters up. Faroon, keeping her distance was not affected by the sudden shift in gravity.

Sharad asked for Faroon’s help to get them back on the ground, but she was reluctant to enter the area. Sharad advised her to first throw a stone in the area next to the device, to see if it was still affecting new objects that entered its radius. The rock fell normally back on the ground.
Faroon then approached the device’s controls. Sharad instructed her to first lower the right most lever. Doing so, everything that was floating in the air suddenly fell 3 meters down, but where still 3 meters up from the ground.
After the change Faroon fell a bit dizzy, as if she was heaving trouble breathing and couldn’t bear her own weight. Scared, she pushed the red button of the device, before Sharad got to tell her to slowly lower the other lever.
As a result, everything that was floating in the air abruptly fell the remaining 3 meters. Faroon, expecting this to happen, quickly jumped back in order to avoid the falling rocks from the air. Kalain and Sharad where slighty injured from the abrupt fall, Hitz and Rummy where mostly terrified of the happening but where otherwise fine. Unfortunately one of the rocks fell on the device, crushing it.

Sharad was able to salvage the core of the device and took it with him. Annoyed on Faroons rash actions and the fact that she was laughing about what just happened he used one of his cyphers that had a similar effect as the device, to let Faroon hang in the air for about 1 hour.

After the hour passed Faroon slowly started descending from the air, and the PCs along with Hitz and Rummy returned to the camp for the night.

The night passed uneventful, the following day they made their way to Jutte.
About six hours later they arrived in Jutte, at dusk.
They where greeted by Trummen, the military leader of Jutte. He is an experienced Glaive who was in charge of the defense of the village. Hitz and Rummy introduced the PCs to Trummen and told him about their adventures, and the fact that they defeated the Margr that killed the enthodolon in their camp.
After gathering some facts about the PCs and about their purpose in Jutte, Trummen thanked the PCs and agreed to put a good word for them with the village merchants and the innkeeper.

Faroon asked if there is someone in town that can help fix her broke crossbow. Trummen wrote a note on the back of a village map, to the blacksmith in town, to fix Faroon’s crossbow free of charge. Then gave the map to Faroon.

After a bit of chat, Trummen told the adventurers about some strange occurrences at the nearby lake, Dog Lake, as he called it. The village lives mostly of fishing, and lately the fishermen are to terrified to go there anymore. Yesterday in the morning the Dervish brothers gathered their courage and went to Dog Lake to face whatever was there. They haven’t returned since.
In exchange for investigating Dog Lake and handling whatever is there, Trummen agreed to give the adventurers the cart left in the woods by Hitz and Rummy, if the two can get it back.

The adventurers next went to Gralle’s house. The old woman is the spiritual leader of Jutte and certainly the wisest person in the village. Unfortunately lately she has fallen sick and tends to keep to herself, in the house, most of the time.
The PCs find Gralle at her desk, strange machinery was laying in front of her, she was working on some device.

Though seemingly distracted and mostly ignoring the adventurers, once they mentioned the Narthex and showed her the notebook they found in Fean’s backpack they certainly peaked her interest. She quickly looked over Fean’s notebook and wrote some information down. She asked the PCs if they had any drawing of how the Narthex looks, but they didn’t, they gave the paper back to Rummy.

Sharad showed the remains of the gravitational shift device to Gralle. She asked them to place it on the podium behind her. She then went to the console at her desk, activated something and suddenly some metal disks started hovering the remains of the device. Red and green lights surfaced of its area, from the metal disks.
Gralle analyzed the results and told them that it was a common grav shift numenera. If the machine would’ve been whole maybe it would be worth something, but looking at it’s core it’s nothing more than a cypher now, maybe on use left.

Before they left, Gralle told the adventurers that her and Trummen are well aware of the cult’s existance. They come in town twice per year and they value their privacy. Both Trummen and her agreed that they should not make a big fuss about it, and especially tell the village people about the cult of the vortex, since that will probably draw a lot of unnecessary attention to the cult and the wood they are coming from.
She asked the adventurers to try and keep that information for themselves, and not spread the word around the village people.


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